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French Lace I - Etching
French Lace II - Etching
Flying over the Puget Sound - Etching
The Broken Reins of Imagination
Fire Bird - Linocut
Dancer I - Etching
Tattoo - Etching
Aphrodite - Linocut and Chinecolle
Hummingbirds - Linocut and Chinecolle
Listening to the Sea - Etching
Creation of Earth - Etching and Aqua Tint
Leda and the Swan - Linocut
Day and Night - Linocut
V Stands for Victory - Etchcing and Aqua Tint
Wind me with the Music - Etching Aqua Tint
Venetian Masquerade - Etching and Aqua Tint
People and Birds - Linocut
Release Them - Etching
Time Flies - Etching and Aqua Tint
Kiss I - Linocut
Europa and the Bull - etching
Morning - Linocut
Woman and Sea - Linocut
Looking Up-Linocut
Tangled Up in Blues - Linocut
Blue Forest - Linocut (unlimited)
Alki Light House - Linocut
Four Seasons - Dry Point, Chinecolle
Rocky Beach - Linocut
Two on Alki - Linocut
Birches - Linocut
Two in Seattle - Linocut
Good Morning - Linocut
Russian Medicine - Linocut
Circle of Life - Linocut
Dancer II - Etching
Dancing Trees - Dry Point
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